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Paula Constant's Talk About Imperfection Seeks to Redefine Success

 - Jan 30, 2016
In her talk about imperfection, Paula Constant asks 'what is success?' The speaker and author shares her own journey walking and backpacking through eight countries. At the heart of her speech is the concept of atelophia, or the fear of not being good enough. She states just by existing and being here, you are enough.

The word 'success' as we know it has only existed in the Oxford Dictionary since 1882. It officially means 'to achieve a desired outcome,' or when applied to a person, when someone obtains wealth or fame. The speaker takes issue with this particular definition, as she believes it created "the mother of all marketplaces," which aims to instantly gratify any and all needs, but leaves us in a world where needs aren't really being met.

The talk about imperfection calls on people to change the definition of success because Constant believes an individual's imperfections are their greatest treasure.