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Carrie Green's Positive Thinking Talk Discusses Programming the Mind

 - Oct 23, 2014
In her positive thinking talk, Carrie Green discusses how to program your mind for success. The speaker identifies fear, obstacles and a lack of motivation as the main reasons why people stop themselves from seeking opportunities. She explains how people miss out on incredible opportunities all the time and make bad decisions based on a bad frame of mind.

The positive thinking talk includes a story about how Green started her own mobile phone unlocking business. The young entrepreneur notes when you don't know what to do you when establishing a new venture, you can only ask for help. After getting herself into a rut, she realized if she wanted to live an incredible life she had to get her mind on the same wavelength.

The founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association encourages the audience to consider what they want to achieve, why they want it, what kind of person they needed to become and to program their minds to make it happen. This involved replacing negative thoughts with empowering ones and listening to guided visualizations.