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The Tim Gibson talk on failure explains why you should never give up on achieving your goals,...

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The Tim Gibson Talk on Failure is About Gaining Knowledge on the Journey

 - Apr 7, 2015
References: youtu.be
In his talk on failure, Tim Gibson explains how failing can be integral to later success. The speaker will be the youngest Australian civil astronaut after getting rejected from the Australian air force repeatedly. He shares his personal tales of defeat and how they led him closer to a new opportunity.

Gibson says it was luck that led him to being one of four Australians chosen for a NASA shortened space selection program. While he has yet to achieve his life-long goal of flying for the Australian defense force, the speaker is getting much closer by winning the competition to go into space. The talk on failure closes by saying his failure to get into the military gave him knowledge that ultimately made him successful in what he considers to be an impossible area. In this way, success can be bred in a new place, even if it might not happen for a long time. Failure gives you the knowledge to succeed, meaning failure is knowledge and knowledge is success.