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Barbara Corcoran Gives an Inspiring Speech on Failure

 - Mar 1, 2014
References: barbaracorcoran & youtube
In her inspiring speech on failure, Barbara Corcoran recounts her first-hand experiences with failure and how they have helped her in her career.

The first time Barbara Corcoran ever experienced failure was in her early days of school. Her initial discovery of failure left her feeling ashamed and she knew then it was something she never wanted to experience again. Older and wiser, Barbara has now rethought her initial position on failure, stating that she believes that failure and innovation are strongly related. Barbara goes even so far as to encourage failure in her workplace. She rewards effort not success, and sets aside money in the sales manager's budget for the company to experiment with knew ideas.

Barbara Corcoran concludes her speech on failure by stating that failures can lead to your biggest successes, so long as you're willing to bounce back from it.