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Joshua Davis's Achievement Keynote Pushes Boundaries

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: joshuadavis & vimeo
Helping the audience understand that achievement can sometimes lead to creative stagnation, Joshua Davis tells us not to let success get in the way of our creative growth (or to our heads) in his achievement keynote.

Taking the audience on a trip through his career, the visual artist stresses that having a destination but no necessary end point may be better for creatives than striving for success in the form of a goal or recognition from peers in the field.

"I got lazy, I got comfortable, and I produced less," says Davis in his achievement keynote.

Explaining how important failure is to the process of growth, Davis believes the way to learn is to actually escape success because it becomes easy, it makes you sluggishly comfortable and makes you forget the pride you feel when you accomplish something unknown.