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The Happy Marriage Speech by Jenna McCarthy is Funny and Insightful

 - Feb 1, 2014
References: jennamccarthy & youtube
In her thoughtful and funny happy marriage speech, author Jenna McCarthy explores marriage in our society and what the research says about how to maintain a happy one.

With so many marriages ending in divorce, the question "why get married?" undoubtedly arises. There are of course no easy answers, but McCarthy does not shy away from trying to find one. Besides the many legal benefits, McCarthy mentions how married couples tend to make more money, are healthier and tend live longer. McCarthy then goes on to look at the similarities that researchers have found amongst those who report to have happy marriages. The many different research shows that couples who tend to focus on the positives, have husbands who help around the house and avoid alcohol tend to have a happier more successful marriage.

Of course marriages are difficult things and McCarthy acknowledges this in her happy marriage speech. Regardless of what the data shows, marriage may not be for everyone, however if one believes that it's right for them, marriage can be a worthwhile pursuit.