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Alexis Ohanian's Motivational Start-Up Keynote Inspires Confidence

 - Apr 3, 2014
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Pushing the audience to accept the idea of risk-taking when it comes to start-ups, Alexis Ohanian tells us it's okay to fail in his motivational start-up keynote.

Honestly relaying the fact that he still doesn't know what he's doing, the founder of reddit, Breadpig and hipmunk urges us to not get caught up in creating the perfect product, project or service and to just focus on creating it.

Ohanian highlights his experience of not worrying about what TechCrunch thought and how he and his partner had "ignorance on their side" in his motivational start-up keynote. Ohanian tells the audience to not stress about competition, and to do their thing regardless -- and to enjoy the small feats.

"Your first 100 users are magical," he says.