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The Kinda Wilson talk discusses redefining what it means to be weird and how excellence is doing... Need Inspiration?

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Kinda Wilson's Talk on Excellence Emphasizes Eschewing a Mediocre Life

 - Nov 6, 2014
In her talk on excellence, Kinda Wilson redefines what it means to be weird. The spoken word-like piece makes the connections between weird to odd to unusual to out of the ordinary to anomaly to something different. The speaker states being different is not a bad thing.

The second point in the talk on excellence uses the metaphor of the bell curve. This data driven example says the majority lies in the middle with the normal and not so different. People tend to assume they're inferior when they're called weird, but at the far end of the bell curve is where one finds excellence, honesty, work ethic and things that have never been done.

Wilson believes the things you're made to feel ridiculous about are the very things that will lead to your success. She advocates for the road less traveled because it's more richly enjoyed. She also says everyone has excellence within them, even if the average person doesn't understand.