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Meg Jay's Defining Age Speech Talks About Changing the Views on Our 20s

 - May 24, 2013
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It's often said that life starts at 30, but psychologist Meg Jay says that mentality is causing a large disservice to people in their 20s, which she discusses in her defining age speech.

A life of debauchery and poor choices are the factors that go into a 20-year-old's life as expressed by many people -- the throwaway years. Marriage, family and work are all happening at a later age, because society has conditioned itself into believing that a person can begin their life at a late age. Jay believes this ideology is leading people into a life of unfulfillment and regret. People in their 20s are often told that time shouldn't take precedence in their lives, but telling them that robs them of their urgency and ambition.

Statistic showcase that life's defining moments happen before 35 and that last growth spurt of the brain happens in a person's 20s, which means that if a person wants to change themselves now it the time.