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Giuseppe Raviola Delivers an Enlightening Mental Health Speech

 - Apr 16, 2013
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Psychiatrist Giuseppe Raviola discusses the integration of mental illness services on a global scale during his fascinating speech on mental health. Giuseppe is a leading player in the growing movement of the integration of mental health services around the world. Giuseppe believes that more people need to be aware of the fact that mental illness is now the most significant cause of suffering and disability in the world.

According to Raviola integrating more specialists into the health care practices world would greatly improve this growing problem. During his speech on mental health, Giuseppe Raviola points out how simple and affordable interventions are saving lives but it needs to happen faster. People's perceptions of mental health need to change as it becomes clear that more often than not these illnesses are highly treatable conditions. In fact, the simplest and most effective ways to combat global mental illness are with prevention and early interventions.