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A Positive Psychology Keynote by Martin Seligman Explores Mental Health

 - Jan 10, 2013
This positive psychology keynote from Martin Seligman looks broadly at the science of well-being.

Although he states this keynote consists of entirely new content, Seligman recaps his argument that well-being has five main pillars, which together make up the acronym PERMA. PERMA stands for positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and purpose and accomplishment. It is this acronym that lays the groundwork for much of Seligman's positive psychology keynote.

Seligman goes through the history of psychology and the basic psychology premises that he was taught growing up. He explains the idea that we are driven by the past before revealing his new idea is counter to that premise. Seligman asserts that we aren't driven by the past, but instead drawn in by the future.