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Scott Fraser's Witness Psychology Speech Explains Why the Brain is Flawed

 - Dec 1, 2012
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Forensic Psychologist Scott Fraser reveals a shocking amount of wrongly accused people due to the lack on investigation and reliance of witnesses in investigations in his witness psychology speech.

After a decade of scientific research on human memories, there is now quantifiable evidence through statistical analysis on the inaccuracy of witness testimonies. As of this moment, Fraser reveals, there are over 280 documented cases regarding those who wee wrongly convicted of crimes due reconstructed memories of witnesses to the crimes. Over three quarters of those cases relied solely on witness testimonies.

The brain "abhors a vacuum," Fraser explains. As the mind attempts to devour information from an experience, it only collects bits and pieces of details and stores them in different parts of the brain, leaving various gaps in the story when it needs to be retold. Fraser stresses that in order to decrease, if not eliminate, the number of wrongful convictions, courtrooms must abolish the aversion to science since the brain is often affected by external influences that people sometimes aren't even aware are occurring.