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Daniel Simons' Intuition Keynote Speech Introduces Choice Blindness

 - Jul 10, 2012
References: dansimons & youtu.be
Psychology and counter-intuition are the topics of this intuition keynote speech from Daniel Simons. Packed with a handful of fascinating research and studies, Simons demonstrates how people intuitively believe that "the mechanisms of attention attention will automatically bring to focus the things that matter to [them]." This, however, is not true.

People are always so confident that they will notice something obvious, dramatic or unexpected when it is presented in front of them. Simons, backed up with plenty of evidence from various studies, shows how if people aren't looking for something particular, they will very often miss it.

He then introduces the concept of choice blindness, which leads people to justify decisions they did not actually intend to make. Simons' intuition keynote speech is not only extremely interesting, but also presents different implications for a variety of industries.