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Georgette Mulheir Delivers a Depressing Tragedy of Orphanages Keynote

 - Nov 14, 2012
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Georgette Mulheir advocates for children in her tragedy of orphanages keynote and hopes to bring an end to the costly low quality institution.

A baby's brain, Mulheir explains, grows into its full size in the first three years with most of its growth taking place in the first six months. During this growth period, it is essential that the baby receive the necessary attention and stimulation for healthy growth, something that orphanages are sorely lacking in. During her career, Mulheir has witnessed countless residential institutions where large groups of children are not noisy or active as one would expect kids to be. Rather, they are sullen and often staring on into space, something the babies shockingly pick up after being neglected of their essential needs. Though it may not seem like it at first, this too is a form of child abuse, which the Lumos CEO hopes to abolish.

Neglectful, costly and understaffed, Mulheir explains that pushing funds away from orphanages and towards family services can help increase the emotional and mental health of children by improving their lives with their parents who can, in turn, provide them with the necessary love and stimulation required for proper growth.