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The Vikram Patel Mental Illness Speech Educates on Suffering

 - Sep 20, 2012
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The Vikram Patel mental illness speech highlights the issues revolving around medical treatments received or not received by people suffering from mental health problems. This speech explains the poor quality of life these people have, due to certain injustices put upon them. They live significantly shorter lives than people without mental health issues, just because they aren't given the same treatment or respect as those without mental illness. This maltreatment is so prevalent and serious that people suffering can live up to 20 years less, just because they aren't receiving proper treatment. This is seen not only in developing countries but all across the globe.

Patel explains that from a global perspective, mental illness is the leading cause of disability around the world. He also points out that around 500 million people suffer from mental illness; these illnesses vary from depression, anxiety, substance abuse, ADHD and many more.

Patel points out a very important issue, which is that most of these people don't receive the care that they need and deserve. Suffering, shame and discrimination, as Patel says, is brought upon them instead of help.

Patel's speech hopes to highlight these injustices, and to provide insight and knowledge so that we can change this problem. This speech not only gives a background understanding of mental illness, but it also provides information on what we as individuals and communities can do to improve these peoples lives.