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Sofia Jawed-Wessel Gives a Feminist Speech About Pregnancy

 - Jan 17, 2017
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In her speech about pregnancy, Dr. Sofia Jawed-Wessel discusses the objectification of women and the policing of their bodies.

In the speech, Dr. Jawed-Wessel begins by discussing how the objectification of women occurs daily, and then goes on to explain how it is different but still highly prevalent in the experience of pregnant women's lives. This particular objectification occurs in the sense of shared ownership that society believes they have over pregnant women and their bodies -- they end up being the "property of the community." This can be seen in the ways in which governments make decisions on women's reproductive rights, in the way doctors provide information to pregnant women, or in strangers offering pregnant women unsolicited advice and touching their stomachs. The way doctors spread information to pregnant patients can occur in the form of them telling lies or reinterpreting facts that disproportionately police the bodies of poor women and women of color. These instances come together to prove that the objectification of women and girls knows no bounds and must be rejected.

After explaining how women are treated as less than human while pregnant (or not), Dr. Jawed-Wessel speaks of the ways in which this can change. She encourages women to prioritize their sexual pleasure, and for both men and women to disrupt visible patterns of inequality each day.