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Martyn Anstey's Speech on Globalization Advocates Collaborative Thinking

 - Nov 27, 2014
In his speech on globalization, Martyn Anstey explains the future of international problem solving. Sharing a terrifying personal anecdote, the speaker discusses the ability for people to connect despite language and regional barriers. He also lists a number of startling statistics, like 40% of Fortune 500 companies will not exist in 10 years, one company will close its doors every 18 days for the next 10 years and the largest companies in 10 years have yet to be founded.

Marty Anstey's speech on globalization posits the future of the global world is ideas and innovation. The world needs not strategies, but a new mindset. As the world faces more uncertainty and change, everyone needs to figure out how to work together to solve international issues.

The speaker solved his health problem with global crowdsourcing, demonstrating the power of a global team and their different ways of thinking. The speech on globalization ends by encouraging the audience to embrace diversity.