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Farida Vis Talks Analysis in This Social Media Speech

 - Oct 27, 2012
References: www2.le.ac.uk & youtube
Providing an insightful look into the London riots, Farida Vis analyzes Twitter data from the event in this social media speech.

This is a riveting recount of the civil unrest that took place in August 2011, as a result of the English riots. This is considered a devastating event having resulted in deaths. However, what Vis delves into is the involvement of social media platforms that contributed to aiding in revelry on the streets: namely, BlackBerry Messenger along with Facebook and Twitter.

Farida Vis also goes on to explain the social implications that came with accessibility of BlackBerry Messenger, given that it is a fairly economical technology. The implications of this event of civil unrest lead to questions on the utilization of social media and its volatility. This well-researched social media speech is highly informative, and of a general interest to many as online networks are a common component of some people's lives.