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David Sabine's Rethinking Education Speech Presents Three Changes

 - Oct 24, 2012
References: linkedin & youtu.be
David Sabine's rethinking education speech offers an interactive and insightful portrayal of the shortcomings of today's public education systems in Canada and the western world. He argues that the standards for students in the modern education system are much too low and do not accurately reflect the diversity in today's youth. The students of today are much too unique to go through an education system designed to output "competent" citizens.

Sabine's rethinking education system offers three specific changes to enhance today's outdated model. First, he wants to see a public education system that is agile and able to adapt to the changing needs and skills of students today. Second, he wants classrooms and curricula to be gamified. Young people's brains are wired very differently than those of people from previous generations. The Internet and degree of social interaction has fundamentally changed the way students absorb and process information. Lastly, he wants a system that trusts and empowers teachers to create programs and curricula that accurately reflects the diverse and unique skill sets of students today.