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Henry Rollins Talks Learning Potential in This Vigorous Democracy Keynote

 - Aug 29, 2012
References: henryrollins & youtu.be
Journalist, activist and former frontman of punk band Black Flag Henry Rollins sees education as the solution to making America better in this vigorous democracy keynote. Believing that education has the power to level the playing field, Rollins states that schools need to focus on teaching students the ability to learn and not just teaching a test. Instead, Rollins states that students need to be given lessons on discipline, focus, application and how to read. He believes in the notion that anyone who is able to open a book has the ability to pursue the knowledge that interests them and better themselves.

Students who have this aptitude will have the intellectual confidence that can maximize their potential and make the right decisions. Rollins continues to say that the reinvention of education will have the ability to revitalize democracy to make some real progress in America.