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Clifford Stoll's 18 Minutes with an Agile Mind Keynote Is Full of Energy

 - Jul 18, 2012
References: ted & youtube
Clifford Stoll is an astronomer and his 18 minutes with an agile mind keynote covers a variety of anecdotes, comments and observations. Clifford Stoll captivates audiences with his agile mind by talking briefly on a number of different topics that range from education to Klein bottles and a concept referred to as 'technoskepticism.'

Clifford Stoll fidgets and jumps back and forth across the stage as he talks about the future and what will come of technology. He believes that computers do not need to be in schools, and to understand the future one must look to kindergarden teachers instead of scientists. Clifford reflects on his job as a high school teacher, and he believes teaching students is a valuable opportunity to gain insight into the future.

The 18 minutes with an agile mind keynote dabbles on multifarious issues, and the endless energy shown by Clifford delights his audience.