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Julia Galef's Rationality Speech Urges to Change How We Think

 - Apr 19, 2013
References: juliagalef & youtu.be
This rationality speech by Julia Galef leads up to the resolve of an ideal world. In this world, people would all use rational thought in order to make better decisions.

Julia explains that proper thinking and coping mechanisms of humans have so much more potential and such is very attainable. Her studies have provided research on how to use rational thought to better everyday life.

An anecdote for rational thought that Julia uses is when Microsoft got an outsider to help them with an important decision, which ended up providing a point of view they hadn't considered. This way of thinking can even be used alone by pretending you are an outsider to your own decisions.

Her rationality keynote ends by discussing how if the world used rational thought, the world would be filled with better decisions and judgement.