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Jaron Lanier’s Computer Keynote Rivals Human and Computers In

 - Apr 17, 2013
References: jaronlanier & youtu.be
This interesting computer keynote from Jaron Lanier addresses the timely and popular question of whether robots are or will become smarter than humans.

Right off the bat, the very question is dissected by Jaron. He explains that this question is not being asked correctly as it’s not fair to make such a comparison. Humans have a tendency to accommodate for robots in order to allow the thought that robots are smarter than they really are. He makes the comparison to teachers adjusting their lessons in order to make it easier for students. This is done in order to prove that their algorithm is successful and the same can be said for the robot comparison.

Jaron’s computer keynote establishes that we should instead be asking the question of how we can use information technology to make a better life.