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Nitin Nohria's Moral Keynote Discusses Why People Exhibit Bad Behavior

 - Apr 6, 2013
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This moral keynote by Nitin Nohria explores the notion of why people do the bad things that they do. It begins by quoting a famous Abraham Lincoln quote about how he was disappointed to see what happened with people who obtained power. He felt the best way to judge a person's character was by giving them power.

The Harvard School of Business Dean feels that the overconfidence that people have in their moral compass is where trouble occurs. Most people who are unethical or unmoral don't even realize it or don't think they can ever be led astray.

Nitin's moral keynote expresses the thought that we need to learn why these situations lead people astray, rather than simply blaming it on the individual's character. He believes that anyone can change and can be frail in different situations.