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Michio Kaku's Free Will Keynote Debates Whether Humans Have Choice

 - Apr 13, 2013
References: mkaku.org & youtu.be
This interesting free will keynote by Michio Kaku explores the long debated thoughts on whether a human's life is predetermined or whether they have a choice.

Kaku begins by sharing Einstein's theory that humans have no free will and so essentially murderers are not technically guilty because their actions were predetermined. Kaku challenges Einstein by using the principle created by Heisenberg, which centers around the belief of uncertainty, because electrons move around at random. No one can determine the future events of an electron and so the same should be said about humans.

This free will keynote finishes with the mind-boggling thought that we are always looking at ourselves in the past when we look in the mirror, because it takes light a billionth of a second to go to the mirror and back.