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Seth Godin's Mindset Keynote Shares a Successful Way of Thinking

 - Apr 17, 2013
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This mindset keynote by Seth Godin seeks to establish a winning mindset for success within in business and life. He shares his tips with real world examples to further heighten the value of each.

Seth starts his keynote by stating how individuals need to change their mindset to a positive one. Nobody will remember or want to work with someone who is just mediocre. If one strives to be the best they can be with a positive attitude, they will not need to market themselves. He explains that it's incredibly hard to force yourself out there with advertising. By offering a memorable service your advertising will be taken care of with word of mouth.

He finishes his mindset keynote with a powerful analogy. To address the thought of staying hungry after becoming successful, he answers that life is like a ski hill. You don't quit when you reach the bottom, but instead ride it until the sun goes down.