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N. R. Narayan Murthy Discusses Creating Change in a Credibility Keynote

 - Aug 1, 2012
References: infosys & youtu.be
Speaking from the lessons he learned as the CEO at Infosys, the industrialist and software engineer N. R. Narayan Murthy presents a credibility keynote. Having over twenty years in the business at a successful company, Narayan Murthy defines what it takes to be leader. First, Murthy measures success as the ability to take great ideas and converting them to actions through excellence. In order to attain this, a leader needs to realize that the primary resources of the corporation is its people.

The job of a leader is bringing about change and big ticket progress; in order to do so a leader needs to transform the mindset of his or her employees. This task of creating confident hardworking employees who are willing to accept change is done through raising aspirations. This is key because aspirations help people overcome tremendous odds.