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Scott Belsky Shares How to Beat the Project Plateau in this Pursuit Keynote

 - Jul 26, 2012
References: scottbelsky & vimeo
Today’s generation is hooked on going from idea to idea, which is why CEO and Founder of Behance Scott Belsky provides insights in this Pursuit Keynote on how to focus on one idea and see it through to completion. Belsky presents the concept he deemed the project plateau, a time when the excitement and energy of a new idea begins to fade and where most ideas are abandoned. Belsky provides strategies on how to survive this period in order to have long-termed pursuits and engagements with ideas. 

After years of research and interviews with the most creative and productive designers, entrepreneurs and leaders, Belsky found a common thread between them all that helped them achieve success. Scott deemed this thread the "creative compromise," which is when an individual begins to constrain their creative process and discipline themselves against the continuation of generating new ideas.

Belsky believes that the key to success is seeking restraints when there are none. Advising that organization, community and leadership are what makes ideas tangible, Belsky delivers extraordinary advice on how to succeed in this Pursuit Keynote.