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This Bob Davids Keynote Discusses Self-Educating and Fulfillment

 - Apr 14, 2012
References: bobdavids & youtube
This Bob Davids keynote explores highly effective means of leadership. Davids is a highly successful entrepreneur, and has now headed six major company start-ups.

David's engaging discussion explores the dynamics of leadership. He was hugely inspired by Robert Townsend's 'Up the Organization.' He learned that the commodity most needed in business is leadership without ego. Davids had been working with a company for several years, but was looked over upon the consideration for a promotion. Consequently, there were "too many managers, and not enough leaders."

He goes on to explain that management and leadership are not the same thing. Management is control and is encumbered by the 'triple constraint of management.' These constraints include the control of quality, time and money. The focus on one of these elements will diminish the others. Leadership, on the other hand, allows for multidimensional perspectives and opportunities for growth.