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The keynotes by Jim Cartwright focus on purchasing patterns, and why certain products are bought...

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This Jim Cartwright Consumer Mindset Keynote Explores Buying Rituals

 - Jun 22, 2012
References: saatchix & youtube
Jim Cartwright's consumer mindset keynote explores the thought process that exists behind why someone makes a particular purchase at a particular time.

He explains that a difference exists between the definition of a shopper and that of a consumer in that one is a shopper only when they are physically in the position to purchase an item.

One of the most important points that Cartwright details in his consumer mindset keynote is the need for relevancy as the shopper needs a product to be relevant to their needs when they are in the position to purchase it. That item must also elicit an emotional response and the combination of these two points leads to a greater likelihood of a sale being made.