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'The World's Happiest People' by Emilia Van Hauen Describes Denmark

 - Jul 4, 2012
References: emiliavanhauen.dk & youtube
'The World's Happiest People' keynote by Emilia Van Hauen describes what makes Denmark such a happy place to live. The Danish are ready for the future, and their focus on cooperation, common vision and co-creation are the ways to move humanity forward.

Denmark is a nation that has a strong feeling of community, and they are one of the most voluntary societies in the world. One must use the powers around them to pursure their own agendas and create a good life. By finding a common vision people can reach a higher goal with less effort. The country's strive for the perfect life is a dynamic one where one can be open and embrace diversity.

'The World's Happiest People' keynote explains that one can change the world by simply changing their mindset. By living one's life a different way he or she can change culture and positively develop society.