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The keynotes by Elizabeth Dunn discuss the effect of money on people's psychological well-being....

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Elizabeth Dunn Examines The Positive and Negative Aspects of Money

 - Feb 10, 2012
References: dunn.psych.ubc & youtu.be
Psychologist Elizabeth Dunn explores the positive and negative aspects of money. Recalling her graduate school days, Dunn compares her youth salary with her current faculty earnings, stressing how different life becomes when one is faced with a large amount of money.

Money can both aid and impede the pursuit of happiness. While money does a lot to help our lives, it also decreases our happiness, making individuals unable to savor the little moments and experiences in their lives.

Dunn explains how individuals with money often feel that they can get whatever they want, no longer feeling appreciative of every morsel of pleasure that comes their way. Conducting a series of research experiments, Elizabeth Dunn advises individuals on ways they can effectively use their money to increase their overall well-being.