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Randall Bird Discusses the Power of Compassion and the Strength Inside Everyone

 - Feb 8, 2012
References: youtube
Randall Bird owns Intrepid LLC, a company that works with individuals to overcome life obstacles with a focus on addictive behaviors. After ten years of being sober, Randall Bird has bravely dedicated his life to motivating people to improve their lifestyles. Randall discusses the dangers of protecting yourself with heartfelt energy and dignity.

As a child, Bird perceived a superhero as having three things: an alter ego, super strength and an arch nemesis. To fit the bill, Bird became a rainbow-haired punk to keep strangers farther and friends closer, and maintained a punk personae. Bird's nemesis became drugs and alcohol. He became trapped in his superhero personality.

Bird finally found the courage to overcome his nemesis and retire his superhero mask.