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Jen Duberstein Discusses the Importance of Respecting Every Team Member

 - Jan 27, 2012
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At a young age, Jen Duberstein had the opportunity to meet a majority of higly ranked government officials due to her upbringing in Washington. Duberstein explains the freedom one feels when they are young. Youth are are often uninhibited, respecting and treating everyone in the same manner despite of their status and social standing.

Duberstein recalls her childhood putting emphasis on her equally friendly interactions with world leaders as well as public servants. She calls her experience of meeting people and learning to respect everyone despite their level as the most important life lesson that she ever learned.

When relating her experience to the business world, Jen Duberstein explains the importance of equal respect throughout the corporate world. Whether speaking to a leader or fellow co-worker, one must be confident in expressing themselves to anyone and must realize that we are all humans.