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Amro Hamdoun Discusses How Chemicals Enter the Body's Cells

 - Jan 2, 2012
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Cell biologist Amar Hamdoun discusses how our cells work to defend themselves from unwanted or harmful chemicals. 85,000 synthetic industrial chemicals have been produced in the last century. Because of this high quantity, a multitude of dangerous chemicals are going places that they shouldn't be. Hamdoun aims to better predict the problems associated with chemicals. He states that most chemicals react badly with our cells after occupying our bodies in higher levels than we can handle.

The cell biologist explores an interesting analogy where he compares a cell to a nightclub. Cells have important proteins that decide what chemicals get in and which ones do not. He goes on further, explaining that cells have bouncers, who decide who gets in and who stays out. Hamdoun aims to understand these systems in order to protect individuals against chemical pollution. His team works to identify and map protective genes in order to understand how our bodies react to them.