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A Questioning Practices Keynote by Penn Jillette

 - Feb 9, 2013
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In Penn Jillette's questioning practices keynote, he makes a distinction between the way he questions good and bad news and the difference between the things you should think about and the things you should feel.

Jillette is best known as one half of the magician duo Pen and Teller, but he also has some interesting ideas about beliefs. First of all, Jillette says he tends to ask a lot of questions about the things he wants to believe. The things he doesn't want to believe, or doesn't care to believe he just lets go and moves on. However, the things he wants to believe, he is more careful about and thus asks more questions about.

Jillette goes on to draw a distinction between things in life you should think about (like evolution) and things you should feel (like love or anger). He doesn't think the line should be crossed and gives an example of thinking about loving someone. He says this kind of reasoning isn't natural for love, which you should feel. He says something like love shouldn't be deduced.