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Nick Bontis Discusses his Educating Tactics

 - Feb 15, 2012
References: nickbontis & youtube
Nick Bontis is a professor of knowledge management and business policy at McMaster University. As an innovative instructor, Bontis describes his philosophy for teaching and the multi-layered dynamics of engagement. Student's must become involved with both the content and context of the subject to truly develop an understanding and knowledge of the topic. Bontis assures that his students are submerged in exciting and memorable lessons that apply beyond the classroom.

He outlines what he calls the three P's: preparation, participation and performance. In terms of preparation, Bontis goes beyond being punctual and organized. He attempts to revitalize each one of his classes every term by at least 1/3 of the content. Next, he discusses participation. He tries to engage the students in brief discussions of global issues, but also maintains an objective of having the students share personal opinions. Lastly, Botis argues that every lecture should be considered a performance; the class should be memorable to be effective.