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Nina DiSesa Discusses the Importance of Emotional Intelligence

 - Feb 14, 2012
References: berlin-school & youtube
Nina DiSesa is an advertising genius with a specialty in creative direction. She believes in leadership driven by emotional intelligence and intensive practice of self-reflection. DiSesa strongly states that once a person dedicates themselves to a leadership position, there is no space to step back from the role. Her strong and empowering diction invites her viewers to take on the role with strength and gumption.

Young creative professionals are deeply rooted within the process and technical side of business. If this demographic wishes to take on a more senior role, the left side and right side of the brain must work in conjunction with one another to satisfy the needs of a leadership role. Ultimately, creative people must have an ambition for the leading role and experience a shift in their thinking processes to better satisfy the responsibilities correlated.