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Kyung Yoon Reveals Why Being a Passive Participant Hurts an Organization

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: youtube
In this brief conversation with non-profit executive Kyung Yoon, she explains why contributing to a network is just as important as participating in one. By using her profession as an example, Yoon tells how the largest constraint for an organization to have to deal with is a lack of good leadership. She delves into this issue further by informing viewers that it doesn't matter how good the idea or intention is if no one is willing to rise to the challenge and drive the project forward.

By having active leaders who want to not only participate in a project, but take responsibility for it as well, those individuals not only advance the objective at hand, but the organization and their own careers as well. In this interesting talk, Kyung Yoon demonstrates the importance of being an active contributor rather than a passive participant and shows how it can help one with their career objectives.