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Sunni Brown Discusses the Power of Illustrated Ideas

 - Jan 5, 2012
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Sunni Brown explains how the act of doodling or sketching helps to improve our comprehension and to make us more open-minded. Doodling encourages creative thinking, teaching adults to use visual language during situations in which information density is high. Often believed to be the opposite of intellectual, a doodle is typically associated with negative connotations. Teachers scold students for doodling in the classroom and bosses scold employees for doodling in work meetings. The act goes against cultural norms associated with places of business and learning. Individuals have a psychological aversion to doodling and our society is blinded to its value.

Brown defines doodling as the act of making spontaneous remarks to help oneself think. The doodle is the precursor to some of the greatest ideas in our world and can be used to increase visual literacy. Sunni Brown encourages individuals to embrace the art of sketching, proving that doodling has never challenged intellectual thought but that it has instead stood up as one of its greatest allies.