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Alain de Botton Urges Professionals To Author Personal Success

 - Feb 4, 2012
References: alaindebotton & youtube
Alain de Botton is an author and specialist of ‘everyday philosophy.' The writer’s goal is to have his ideas impact the way people live on a day-to-day basis. His speech examines the harsh views of success and failure.

Botton outlines career anxiety in relation to success and the modern ideology of what success actually is. Widely accepted ideas of achievement have been engrained in society based on narrowly defined characteristics. Alain challenges his audience to author personal ideas of success and to focus on really zoning in on these ambitions. According to Botton, the main purpose of a career should be to satisfy the goals one has identified, and to disregard societal implications of accomplishment.

Botton's speech is interesting and thought-provoking for a wide variety of individuals at different stages in their career. He concludes his speech by reminding the audience of the importance in creating their own image of success as a means of alleviating career anxiety and creating a pleasurable work experience.