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Ben Ambridge's Psychology Lecture Identifies Unsupported Theories

 - Feb 11, 2015
In his psychology lecture, Ben Ambridge debunks ten different myths about psychology.

The speaker explains how the psychological differences in gender are very slight, demonstrating how the the amount by which women are better than men with language or men than women at spatial awareness is greatly exaggerated.
The inkblot test isn't used to diagnose patients. Learning styles (auditory, visual, kinetic) are made up and not supported by scientific evidence. Intelligence is mostly genetic versus environmental. Left brain and right brain thinkers are a myth. We use almost all our brain, not a mere 10%. Listening to Mozart music doesn't make you cleverer or healthier. Preferences in sexual partners are not culturally specific. The hot hand and Milgram experiment are also not supported. We also can't catch a liar from their body language or verbal patterns, except in television appeals to missing family members.

The psychology lecture ends with a plea to assess theories by seeing what predictions they make and if they are testable empirically.