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Guy Winch is a psychologist who has given keynotes on his latest book entitled 'Emotional First Aid... Need Inspiration?

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Guy Winch's Emotional Health Talk on Personal Psychology

 - Feb 3, 2015
This emotional health talk given by Guy Winch asserts people value their bodies over their minds, which is evidenced by how little we know about maintaining our psychological well-being. The psychologist wants to close this gap by better treating our psychological health.

The emotional health talk identifies four elements of "emotional hygiene" people often need to deal with. Loneliness creates a deep mental wound and distorts our thinking (for example, making us think those around us care much less than they actually do). Chronic loneliness actually has a greater impact on long-term health than smoking cigarettes. Paying attention to emotional health is therefore an important practice when it comes to prioritizing emotional hygiene. Failure, rejection and rumination also have significant health effects on people. The speaker encourages people to protect their self esteem and battle negative thinking, as it won't just heal you but build emotional resiliency within.