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Guy Winch Talks About His Book in This Emotional Injury Speech

 - Aug 19, 2013
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Author Guy Winch tackles dealing with psychological problems in this emotional injury speech. Winch expresses outrage at the way in which people neglect their psychological injuries, while taking care of their physical injuries. He claims that people pay more attention to the health of their teeth than their emotions. Winch believes that this shouldn't be the norm, because emotional issues effect people more deeply than they realize.

Winch discusses the effect that failure can have on a person, and encourages self reflection. He says that reflecting can offer individuals insight on whatever it was that made them upset in the first place. Winch states that stewing in anger or disappointment doesn't help anyone.

Winch says that people who don't deal with their emotions become passive, and are more likely to become depressed or get an eating disorder.