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Andrew Solomon Talks the Loss of Vitality in his Depression Speech

 - Feb 14, 2014
References: new.ted & youtube
Andrew Solomon's depression speech discusses the inner psychological journey of an individual, namely himself, who has experienced depression and divulges the audience in a deep and dark journey of his depressive past. Solomon tells the audience how normal individuals experience or know depression, through metaphors such as literature and paintings.

Solomon went through a series of losses in 1991, his mother had passed away, a failed relationship and moved back to United States after ending his University exchange. Three years later, Solomon started experiencing a loss of interest and lack of vitality. He would think it would be too much effort to prepare food, eat it and swallow it; even getting dressed and going out the front door would be too difficult of a task.

Solomon tells the audience that depression is deep rooted in all individuals; it is the flaw in love and that there would be no such thing as love without the anticipation of loss.