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David Eagleman's Neuroscience and Law Talk Explores Culpability

 - Jan 29, 2014
References: eagleman & youtube
In his neuroscience and law talk, neuroscientist David Eagleman discusses the role the brain plays in the commission of crimes and the best way the legal system should respond.

Beginning with a series of examples showing individuals who have had their personalities completely altered through brain damage, Eagleman establishes the we are not separate from our brains. If the biology of our brain changes, then so do we. Eagleman is interested about what this means for culpability in our legal system, and if judging culpability is an appropriate method for determining guilt or innocence.

There is a line drawn in our legal system. On the one side, certain criminal behaviors are seen as involuntary and punished accordingly and on the other side, criminal actions are seen as deliberate and punished more severely. In his neuroscience and law talk, Eagleman states that this line is defined by our current technology and will move with time as our technology improves.