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Brenno de Winter's Internet Privacy Talk Describes a Lack of Awareness

 - Mar 3, 2015
In his privacy talk, Brenno de Winter advocates for stronger policies in favor of digital rights. The speaker states people don't understand the information age to its full extent, and this means it's easy for people to use data and technology against each other.

This is particularly problematic for governments, where there is a concerning lack of oversight. Privacy rights are quickly deteriorating without debate and there is an overall lack of knowledge among politicians, according to de Winter. For the media, the issue is also difficult to grasp and predict. This means journalists and news outlets aren't doing their job in terms of verifying information or making issues known to the public. The result is cyber crime, terrorism and other threats to digital rights are on the rise.

The privacy talk explains that we are driving innovation without looking at the dangers putting it at risk. The speaker says safeguarding digital rights should be a priority so trust in technology can be restored.