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Christopher Poole Talks About a World of Freedom Online Anonymity Speech

 - Nov 12, 2012
References: youtube
The founder of a popular uncensored and unfiltered website 4chan talks about the sophistication and commitment of people on the Internet in his online anonymity speech.

With over 700 million users and over 700,000 posts a day, Poole describes an online community where there are no rules, no memory, archives or barriers, a true place for freedom of speech. Poole explains the astounding unity in the online world and how it is literally able to change lives, exposing abusers and manipulating polls. Information is so easily accessible that it's not surprising that users can conduct their own detective work, investigating things and crossing borders where there are too many barriers. Consequently, this also brings out the dangers of the anonymous world where, ironically, there is a lack of identity but also a lack of privacy.

At the end of Poole's online anonymity speech, he concluded by emphasizing the importance of having a place where people can speak without reservation and maintains, despite controversy, that his forum will stay that way.