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Ernesto Sirolli's Economic Assistance Keynote Shares Realistic Methods

 - Nov 28, 2012
References: sirolli & youtube
Dr. Ernesto Sirolli shares his thoughts on how organizations can better aid entrepreneurs worldwide in his passionate and engaging economic assistance keynote.

The first principle of aid is respect, Dr. Sirolli quotes from author E. F. Schumacher. If someone does not wish to be helped, there is nothing any person or organization can do to force that interest or passion upon them. The key to development, Dr. Sirolli continues, is to understand your target's dreams and passions without instilling your own ideals.

In the Enterprise Facilitation method created by Dr. Sirolli in his project, Esperance, he describes a system of confidentiality, privacy and zero infrastructure where organizations gather with locals in public meeting places to discuss how to execute their goals. Organizations can only act as external resources for the entrepreneurs, offering knowledge in support of their ideas. The goal, he continues, is not to claim and take ownership of their ideas but to listen and understand their needs, since no one better understands them than themselves.