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Georg Polzer's Data Speech Advocates for a Heavily Regulated Data Bank

 - Nov 28, 2014
In his data speech, Georg Polzer explains his vision for a data-driven world where we don't make the same mistake twice. By using data effectively, the speaker believes we can avoid repeating error.

However, the data speech also recognizes it is difficult to determine which problems data should be used in. While Polzer approves of using algorithms in traffic and city planning, he does not agree with using data to track the movement of protesters. He notes people from different cultural backgrounds are likely to view issues of privacy differently. The speaker explains despite the fast growth of data, we don't use what we have to its maximum potential due to its sensitive nature.

Given that the data economy is growing faster than our existing institutional frameworks, the data speech advocates for stronger regulations on data usage. Polzer thinks everyone should be contributing and receiving in return. The gap this would create could be solved with a data bank, where regulated institutions are allowed to have and store sensitive data and we would earn interest.